Blastrac Infra is a special division within the Blastrac group, which focusses on large infrastructure equipment and specialised products such as ride-¬on units, truck mounted systems & multitask vehicles. Blastrac Infra is here to develop high quality products and to offer the best training & service possible to its end users, thanks to a team of international technical experts. Blastrac Infra takes versatility to a new level! Many different types of applications can be addressed depending on the equipment being used: shot blasting, steel blasting, scarifying and grinding.


Blastrac Infra products are equipped with an effective and very powerful on board dust collection system. The product collects airborne particle contaminants such as paint, surface residues and debris. It is a guaranteed solution for dust free, safe and highly efficient operations. Blastrac Infra technologies are purely mechanical and don’t use any chemical or valuable drinking water. With their integrated dust collection system, Blastrac Infra equipment makes sure there is no dust release in the environment, protecting both the operators and our planet.


  • To retexture concrete or asphalt | on roads and highways
  • To grind and polish large surfaces | in warehouses, factories, squares…


Cyclone technology has a patented UHP and low pressure waterblasting system. The Cyclone technology surface cleaning machines are engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces more efficiently than other alternative UHP suppliers and is the most environmental friendly rubber removal machine available on the market. A multi-patented cleaning and recovery head aggressively cleans and removes build-up with no damage to the surface. The multi-patented Cyclone cleaning head provides high velocity air movement for instant recovery of waste and water with no runoff or discharge to the environment and no need for an external vacuum system. This process allows for a much more fuel efficient recovery of water from the cleaned surface than a system with an external vacuum. The results are a clean surface without standing water that is ready for immediate use. More information: