The Blastrac products listed on this page are rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.
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2-48DS Shot Blaster

A walk-behind shot blaster for surface preparation

The Blastrac 2-48DS is the biggest walk-behind shot blasting machine of our range. It is ideal for large heavy duty work with its 2 powerful blast motors and can be used on different surfaces like Steel, Concrete, Stone and Asphalt. The 2-48DS is a shot blasting machine of high quality and strong fabrication and equipped with its own height adjusting system for easy transportation. The 2-48DS is almost dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of dust collectors, consumables and optional items which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.

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  • 2-48DS
  • 2-48DS_2_V2
  • 2-48DS_Afbeeding4
  • 2-48DS_Afbeeding3
  • 2-48DS_Afbeeding1
  • 2-48DS_Afbeeding2
width1.220 mm
weight1.350 kg
dimensions2.420 mm | 1.433 mm | 1.450 mm
speedUp to 2.000 M²/H on concrete | Electric / 0,5 - 33 M/MIN
power2 x 22 kW | 400 V | 50 Hz | 125 A | Three pase | 5 pole
2 x 25 kW | 460 V | 60 Hz | 125 A | Three pase | 5 pole
abrasive30 - 150 GR/M²
direction_pullBackward (pull)
surfaceSteel | Stone | Concrete | Asphalt