The Blastrac products listed on this page are rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.
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BMP-4000RC Scarifier

A heavy duty remote controlled scarifier

The Blastrac BMP-4000RC is a new heavy duty remote controlled sawing (shaving) and milling machine ideally suited for large milling and sawing applications, for example road construction and industrial flooring. The BMP-4000RC is a multifunctional machine. By changing the hydraulic motor you can easily swap the milling and the sawing technology. It has a double, hydraulic micrometric adjustment to set the working depth, to work very precisely and eliminate the risk of underground deterioration. Due to its increased weight it allows you to generate more efficient and precise sawing and milling actions.

The BMP-4000RC scarifier is almost dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of scarifiers and cutters, which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.

Advantages of the BMP-4000RC scarifier:

  • HYDRAULICALLY DRIVEN With variable speed, forward and reverse, this heavy-weight scarifier can be driven without the scarifying drum engaged.
  • COMPACT SIZE Despite appearances, the BMP-4000RC fits through every door opening due to its unbelievably narrow width of only 840 mm. In addition, it comes equipped as standard with an ammeter and front and back working lights.
  • PRECISE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Both hydraulic cylinders have a depth sensor indicator for a precise heigh adjustment while working. In addition, a display gives information about height adjustment and shows information about the machine.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED MACHINE The BMP-4000RC is a remote controlled scarifier made for the toughest scarifying applications.
  • DUST HOSE CONNECTION Dust hose connection Ø150 mm for a dust free jobsite.
  • OPTIONAL LASER SYSTEM The BMP-4000 can be equipped with a laser system that keeps the machine levelled automatically. It also tracks the gradient of the flooring on a user friendly screen.
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  • BMP-4000RC
widthScarifying - 400 mm
Sawing - 380 mm
weight1.550 kg excl. drum
dimensions1.995 mm | 840 mm | 1.660 mm
scarifying300 rpm - Scarifying
1.800 rpm - Sawing
speedHydraulic - 0-45 m/min
power30 kW | 400V | 50 Hz | 63 A | Three phase
direction_rideRemote controlled (hydraulically driven)
surfaceConcrete | Stone | Asphalt