The Blastrac products listed on this page are rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering.
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BMS-150E Floor stripper

A ride-on electrical powered floor stripper

The Blastrac BMS-150E is ideally suited for medium and large sized applications. It’s a completely electrical powered machine with an automatic power cable system with turning cable arm. It is very maneuverable with a zero turn radius and non-marking tires. It fits easily in every elevator.

The BMS-150E floor stripper comes equipped as standard with a dust hose connection of Ø76 mm. It is possible to connect a small or medium dust collector to prevent dust exposure in the working area. This special feature contributes to protect the operators.

Depending on the type of flooring material you would like to remove, you can chose from a wide range of blades or chisels. The Blastrac BMS-150E floor stripper is able to remove most (old) floor coverings such as linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesives, glue…

Advantages of the BMS-150E Floor Stripper:

    You don’t need to take care about the cable, it is automatically winding up. With 25 meters of cable, you have a cordless feeling. Just plug and play!
    You can choose from a wide range of blades or chisels. The quick release tool holder allow you to change or replace the blade very quickly.
    The BMS-150E is very easy and user friendly to manoeuvre. The buttons on top of the joysticks move the blade up and down.
    The cable system can be folded up in two positions to have lower height when transporting. It even fits in a small vehicle.
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  • BMS-150E
  • BMS-150E_13
widthAs from 51 mm
weight480 kg excl. weight kit
dimensionsWorking Position 1.475 mm | 716 mm | 1.750 mm
Folded Position w/o tool holder 1.580 mm | 716 mm | 1.092 mm
speedElectric / Up to 40 m/min
powerDrive Power: 2,2 kW | 230 V | 50/60 Hz | 16 A | Single Phase
direction_rideRide on
surfaceHardwood Parquet | Ceramics | Linoleum | Vinyl | Carpet | Adhesives | Glue | Tiles | Etc...