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BWFC-CG150 Floor & wall chaser

Powerful floor & wall chaser for concrete, bricks..

The Blastrac BWFC-CG150 is a powerful floor and wall chaser specifically designed for cutting double slots and channels in reinforced concrete, brick and similar materials. It features a dust local exhaust with fully enclosed blades for dust free operations.

The BWFC-CG150 is equipped with 6 rollers in order to keep the base well supported for smooth guidance over slight surface irregularities. The blades are very easy to change and different settings can be mounted thanks to a full set of spacers for both 2 blade and 5 blade set-ups.

This chaser has a LED indicator light for optimizing cutting efficiency with overload and overheat warning. In addition, the motor is equipped with advanced protection including soft start, overload and thermal protection. It is possible to adapt an optional guide rail system to provides maximum convenience and reduces human error.

Advantages of the BWFC-CG150 floor & wall chaser:

    With the BWFC-CG150, you are able to adapt different blade settings depending on the number of spacers you use: 2 blade and 5 blade set-ups.
    Due to its local dust exhaust, the BWFC-CG150 is dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collector.
    The BWFC-CG150 has a LED indicator to optimize cutting efficiency. This LED turns red when the machine is overloaded or overheated.
    The Blastrac BWFC-CG150 floor and wall chaser features a built-in laser on the front in order to assist the operator to create consistent straight cuts.
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  • BWFC-CG150
widthMax. Blade Diameter Ø150 mm
Max. Depth of Cut 50 mm
Max. Channel Width 47 mm
weight7,2 kg
dimensions365 mm | 220 mm | 288 mm
speed6.500 rpm
power2,5 kW | 230 V | 50/60 Hz | 16 A | Single Phase
surfaceConcrete | Stone | Bricks